Late Night Linux – Episode 188


Torvalds is using an Arm Mac with Asahi, potentially bad news for ChromeOS in Europe, a remarkable Debian server upgrade, Facebook wins a battle in the URL war, Minecraft shuns NFTs, KDE Korner, and more.



London Meetup 5th August near The Eye

Microsoft clarifies store policy on commercial FOSS

Torvalds is using Asahi on an Arm Mac, and the next kernel will be 6.0

Torvalds didn’t expect to run Linux on Arm Macs

Denmark bans Chromebooks and Google Workspace in schools over data transfer risks


Facebook Is Now Encrypting Links to Prevent URL Stripping

Debian skip-skip-cross-up-grade

Official Unreal Engine 5 editor binaries for Linux have been published

Minecraft and NFTs

Banned from Minecraft, crypto group says it’ll just make a better game


KDE Korner

Latte Dock | Farewell…

The Eco Sprint

Kate incremental updates and Itinerary Update

Bit of love for Discover

Multihead will be no more






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