Late Night Linux – Episode 92


Will reminisces about netbooks, Joe has a new Pinebook Pro, Facebook’s complex morals, Bountysource worries the community, and KDE Korner.



Facebook did a bad thing to do a good thing

Bountysource was going to change its terms so it could keep unclaimed bounties but then backtracked

Xfce considers leaving



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Linux hardware – old and new

Joe talks about his new Pinebook Pro, and after Will read an article about netbooks, we have a nostalgic look back to those good old days.


KDE Korner

Plasma 5.19: A more Polished Plasma which wasn’t (Updated Wallet… broke it… then later that day fixed it) so they polished it again

KDE Plasma is Switching to a Windows-style Icon-only Task Bar

Krita 4.3 with good features video & overall KDE apps in the Windows store (no Krita numbers)




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