Late Night Linux – Episode 87


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the news including good news for UBports, changes to Firefox, Microsoft’s new LSM, potentially bad news for KDE, and more.


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PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-orders are Open

PINEPHONE – “Community Edition: UBports” Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 72: Foundation & Volla News

Latest Firefox updates address bar, making search easier than ever

Mozilla installs Scheduled Telemetry Task on Windows with Firefox 75

Firefox now 3rd most popular browser behind Chrome and Edge

Mozilla goes back to Mitchell Baker as CEO

Paul Cormier takes over as Red Hat CEO, as Jim Whitehurst moves to IBM

Google and Apple launching coronavirus contact-tracing system for iOS and Android

Windows 10 is getting Linux files integration in File Explorer

Microsoft announce a new Linux Security Module called IPE


KDE Korner

KDE on Instagram

February/March in KDE Itinerary

Maui Project

Qt offering changes 2020

#1: Qt, Open Source and corona

#2: Qt, Open Source and corona

Qt and Open Source


Digital Ocean

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