It’s been a month since the last proper episode so we recap the news from the last few weeks including real Linux in WIndows, RHEL 8, Nextcloud, Debian, and more.



KDE Apps 19.04 Is out & snapped first (Neon writeup), Next-Gen notifications & Akademy 2019 in Milan in Sept & Gnome&KDE Linux App Summit

Windows Shipping Linux

Apache SF joins Github

RHEL 8 Out Now

RIP In Peace Shadowman Red Hat Blog

Shuttleworth on Desktop Linux Support boom

Judgement Day for Nextcloud – File sharing became self aware on this day

Mozilla certificate fun (Disable Studies again…) update & more updates

Debian Buster will be Wayland

Google creates ‘dedicated placement’ in search results for AMP Stories, starting with travel category

The end of Works With Nest could be trouble for smart homes



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