Graham and Joe have been checking out Sailfish OS 3, and there’s a packed news segment including KDE, RISC-V, Fedora, and the FSF.




KDE on Necuno Mobile: Has headphone jack and …Maemo!?

kde-Itinary Update

Xubuntu to drop 32-bit ISOs

RISC-V & LF Joint Venture

FSF gets one miiiiilion dollars

Fedora 31 Will Likely Be Cancelled Or Significantly Delayed

AMI BIOS updates coming to a fwupdmgr near you!



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FOSS Talk Live 2019 8th June

Reminder that G+ is dead



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Sailfish OS 3

Graham was recently sent a Jolla phone by listener Matt, and Joe has been checking out an unofficial Sailfish ROM on the Oneplus One.




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