Late Night Linux – Episode 229


Thunderbird shows that asking users for money works, Red Hat’s priorities seem to be moving away from the community, Mozilla is set to show the Fediverse how it’s done, Mastodon simplifies its onboarding experience, Linux is better than Windows on handhelds, Roblox stops working for us, a peek at the upcoming Plasma 6 release, and more.



Thunderbird Is Thriving: Our 2022 Financial Report

Fedora Program Manager layed off

(what that role was)

Mozilla’s new Mozilla.Social Mastodon instance is an attempt to reinvent content moderation

A new onboarding experience on Mastodon

Goodbye to Roblox on Linux with their new anti-cheat and Wine blocking

Asus ROG Ally review: it’s time to stop pretending Windows is the answer

Nintendo, ticked by Zelda leaks, does a DMCA run on Switch emulation tools

Plasma 6: “Better defaults”

Plasma 6 Sprint 2023








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