Some great phone news and some very bad, KDE goodness, Google creepiness, Ikey saves gaming on Linux, nonces compromise WiFi, and the biggest Ubuntu release for years.



Librem 5 funded


Plasma 5.11 is out

Jesse always feels like there’s someone watching him

Google Announce new Hardware

Ikey is singlehandedly saving gaming on Linux

WPA2 attacked by nonces




This episode of Late Night Linux is sponsored by Entroware. They are a UK-based company who sells computers with Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE preinstalled. They have configurable laptops, desktops and servers to suit a wide range of Linux users. Check them out and don’t forget to mention us at checkout if you buy one of their great machines.


Ubuntu 17.10

It’s the first Ubuntu release since Shuttleworth dropped the bombshell about the death of Unity and Convergence. The final release was a few days away when we recorded this so there might be a few slight changes and bug fixes.




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