Three of us plus a half dead Ikey get together to talk about Nextcloud, Apple, MariaDB, Facebook and React.js, the Ubuntu Rally in New York, and the FOSS version of Android called Replicant.




Nextcloud introduces end-to-end encryption

Apple open sources some kernels

MariaDB gets a large investment

Facebook changes React License to MIT (and WordPress threatening to move away from FB license)




This episode of Late Night Linux is sponsored by Entroware. They are a UK-based company who sells computers with Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE preinstalled. They have configurable laptops, desktops and servers to suit a wide range of Linux users. Check them out and don’t forget to mention us at checkout if you buy one of their great machines.



Ikey’s trip to New York

Ikey has just come back from the Ubuntu Summit in New York. He tells us all about it.



Jesse and Félim have been trying out the totally FOSS version of Android called Replicant.





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