Late Night Linux – Episode 218


Canonical angers the community again – this time by asking Ubuntu flavours to stop shipping Flatpak by default, we can’t decide whether Microsoft or Google are worse, NASA contributes to way more open source software than you might think, ten years of Steam on Linux, and KDE Korner.



Ubuntu Flavor Packaging Defaults

NASA and open-source software

10 years ago Steam released for Linux

M$ Edge inserts ads on Chrome download page

My daughter’s school took over my personal Microsoft account


KDE Korner

KDE Switches to QT6

Nicco looks at theme & shows 6 “hidden” features of Plasma

Plasma Mobile 5.27 + PlaMo Gear 23.01.0

Stop shouting

How to add flatpaks on Kubuntu/Neon

Nate’s regular updates

Two very last minute tools in Neon & two apps in unstable








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