Late Night Linux – Episode 164


Mixed gaming news, great Raspberry Pi news, Mozilla teams up with Meta and ditches their VR browser, KDE Korner, and more.



Slackware 15 released

Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit)

Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit vs. 64-bit Performance Review

Network install beta test

Update on Firefox Reality

Privacy Preserving Attribution for Advertising

Pocket migration to Firefox accounts

Google Stadia has reportedly been demoted, but it might show up in your Peloton

Inside Google’s Plan to Salvage Its Stadia Gaming Service

Early Steam Deck previews are out – and battery life is causing concern

Steam Deck CAD files now available

Twitter thread about the Deck’s size

Epic won’t update Fortnite to run on the Steam Deck



Check out Linux Downtime and Linux After Dark


KDE Korner

Plasma 5.24 (Nico has a video) & Bug fixes coming with some improvements too

Kalendar 1.0 is out

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.01 is out

5.25 starts: Discover redesign begins & Navigate panels with the keyboard






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