Late Night Linux – Episode 130


Tim Berners-Lee jumps the shark, Chrome OS is 10, KDE Korner, good things about all sorts of projects, our Linux frustrations, Android or iOS, and more.


Watch our FOSS Talk Live Show.



Microsoft’s Linux repositories were down for 18+ hours

Source Code for the WWW Tim Berners-Lee, an NFT



Check out Late Night Linux Extra 24.

Dev Null and the Kernel Panics


FOSS Talk Live leftovers

The spinning wheel of meh at FOSS Talk Live ended up with loads of leftover questions so we answered a few of them.


Chrome OS at 10

10 years later, Chrome OS starts to look like a proper OS


KDE Korner

Plasma 5.22 Video from the promo team

Bug Triaging Needed – Nate

Akademy is on with day 2 and day 3 reports up and BOFs ongoing this week (Channel)

/u/wael_ch/ made some cool shortcuts for Dolphin, Plasma and Krunner check out /r/kde

Dart/Flutter support for Kate




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