A packed show this time. More Linux hardware, 32 vs 64-bit, Ubuntu MATE on the Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu Budgie, yet more Solus news and loads more on LNL 03.


KDE and Slimbook Release a Laptop for KDE Fans

Arch and Tails are dropping 32-bit but 32-bit CentOS is still available

Black market Blackphones get sent a kill message that bricks them

Steam’s Linux Marketshare For January Was 0.8%

Mozilla is shutting down the group behind Firefox OS


Ikey tells us why Chromium isn’t as Free as some people might think

Ubuntu MATE on the Raspberry Pi

Joe spoke to Martin Wimpress about the upcoming release of Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for the Raspberry Pi.

Ubuntu Budgie

Jesse has abandoned KaOS in favour of Ubuntu Budgie on his laptop

(Yet more) Solus news

Budgie turns its back on GTK, goes Qt and Wayland; is inevitably forked

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