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Late Night Linux – Episode 109


Will’s hybrid cloud approach to Pi-hole, and huge batch of feedback about all sorts including Firefox, convergence, home monitoring, email servers, and more.


Pi-hole and WireGuard follow-up

Double helping of Pi Hole



Join the community mumble get-together on 29th January 2021 at 10pm UK time. Details here. Listen to some of the last one on Late Night Linux Extra 13



Some predictions about Firefox, follow-up on convergence, and home monitoring/automation, email servers, and FOSS we couldn’t live without.

Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi

Steve’s series of posts




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Late Night Linux – Episode 100


Why Windows isn’t switching to a Linux kernel, Will tells us how he stopped his kids using TikTok with a Raspberry Pi, possible LNL merch, and the usual goodness in KDE Korner.


Linux-based Windows

We discuss a recent post by Hayden Barnes about the ridiculous idea of Windows switching to a Linux kernel that ESR put out there a few weeks ago.


Will’s adventures in DNS

Will has been checking out Pi-hole and AdGuard.


KDE Korner


Plasma Mobile update: September 2020

Plasma 5.20 is nigh




TrueNAS from iXsystems

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Digital Ocean

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