Late Night Linux – Episode 96


How a Windows user views desktop Linux, some ask us anything questions, and Félim’s attempts to solve his RSI problem.


Kyle the Windows user

We discuss the recent episode of Late Night Linux Extra where Joe spoke to Kyle. He’s a technical Windows user who cares about privacy and security. He tried Linux but didn’t stick with it. Kyle will be back on the next episode of Late Night Linux Extra so make sure you are subscribed to the RSS feed to hear his thoughts on Joe’s beloved Xubuntu.


Ask us anything sensible

We answered some of your questions about corporations having public political views, and NixOS and Guix.


Félim’s RSI issues

Félim tells us about the new vertical mouse he bought to tackle his shoulder and neck pain. He should have probably bought this cheaper version. Graham mentioned his trackball mouse.





Digital Ocean

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TrueNAS from iXsystems

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