It’s Ikey’s last show and Jesse’s last show for a while, and Félim is off sick. Graham Morrison joins us to discuss 2 factor authentication, Firefox OS, a new DNS service, Linux-Libre security, and whether we can move away from centralised social media.



2 factor authenticator for Linux

The final nail in the Firefox OS coffin

Cloudflare launches DNS service

Linux-Libre prioritises freedom over security


Good night, sweet princes

Ikey and Jesse have are experiencing some big changes in their lives which mean they are leaving the show; Jesse for a while, Ikey forever. But fear not! We have some stellar new team members ready to take their place.



This episode of Late Night Linux is sponsored by Entroware. They are a UK-based company who sells computers with Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE preinstalled. They have configurable laptops, desktops and servers to suit a wide range of Linux users. Check them out and don’t forget to mention us at checkout if you buy one of their great machines.


Decentralised social networks

In the wake of the Facebook scandal, we discuss some decentralised alternatives including Diaspora and some blockchain-based projects.

If you are planning to delete your Facebook account, why not trash all your data first?

If you are planning to keep using Facebook, using the new Firefox Facebook Container Extension would probably be wise.





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