Late Night Linux – Episode 274


Canonical struggles to get to grips with malicious Snaps, a KDE theme wipes a whole machine, Mozilla looks foolish, Redis isn’t open source now, Ubuntu 14.04 gets 12 years of paid support, Meta joins the Fediverse, and more. With guest host Gary from Linux After Dark.



Guess Who’s Back? Exodus Scam BitCoin Wallet Snap!

Stop the line?

Manual review of all new snap name registrations

KDE advises extreme caution after theme wipes Linux user’s files

CEO of Data Privacy Company Founded Dozens of People-Search Firms – Krebs on Security

Mozilla just ditched its privacy partner because its CEO is tied to data brokers

Introducing Didthis: A New App For Hobbyists

Canonical expands Long Term Support to 12 years starting with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Redis tightens its license terms, pleasing basically no one

Redict is an independent, copyleft fork of Redis

Apache Kvrocks

Meta connects Threads to the Fediverse

Threads has entered the fediverse

Fedi.Tips urges admins to defederate Threads

Switch emulator Suyu hit by GitLab DMCA, project lives on through self-hosting

World Server Throwing Championship (WSTC) 2024






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