Late Night Linux – Episode 270


The BBC is sticking around on Mastodon, Signal gets a huge new feature, yet another win for the Asahi team, a surprising company commits to FOSS, Apple kills web apps in the EU, Mozilla focuses on Firefox… and AI, Graham tells us about Canonical’s new Open Documentation Academy, and to celebrate this week’s release of Plasma 6 we let Félim do a short KDE Korner.



Stepping back into the refreshingly free world of Linux – The Irish Times

Extending our Mastodon social media trial – BBC R&D

Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames

Asahi Linux project’s OpenGL support on Apple Silicon officially surpasses Apple’s

Mercedes-Benz AG – FOSS Manifesto

It’s Official, Apple Kills Web Apps in the EU

EU seeks to investigate Apple over cutting off web apps

Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo

Anthony: “Not commenting the Mozilla lay…” – Indieweb.Social

Introducing Canonical’s Open Documentation Academy

New website launched

Kubuntu Graphic Design Contest

Wayland fake session restore and 805/500 supporters







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