Late Night Linux – Episode 268


Great news for Android users, more Linux in space, Windows gets sudo, Spotify fails to lock down podcasts,  the immutable Ubuntu desktop is delayed, Xfce is finally moving towards Wayland, Kubuntu sticks with KDE 5 for the LTS, Mozilla makes changes at the top, and more.



Unattended updates for everyone, F-Droid 1.19 is here

The Usage Of Embedded Linux In Spacecraft

“Wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement

Introducing Sudo for Windows!

Ubuntu Core Desktop Debut No Longer Planned for April

Introducing Mozilla Monitor Plus, a new tool to automatically remove your personal information from data broker sites [it’s white labelled like the VPN thing]

A New Chapter for Mozilla: Focused Execution and an Expanded Role in Charting the Internet’s Future

Xfce 4.20 Aiming For Usable Wayland Support While Maintaining X11 Compatibility

KDE 6 misses boat to make it into Kubuntu 24.04

Frameworks 5.115.0

KDE 6 is so close!

15 min bug update







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