Late Night Linux – Episode 266


Apple does the bare minimum required to allow other browser engines and sideloading on iOS, which isn’t the good news for Firefox and open source that we hoped it would be. Plus the Mars helicopter has flown for the last time, Microsoft hands FOSS a great opportunity to stand out on privacy, Ubuntu annoys yet more users, the mystery of the new Firefox package, and more.



RAWRLAB Games – Announcement of free Godot™ engine port for Nintendo Switch™

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity will fly no more

It turns out NASA’s Mars helicopter was much more revolutionary than we knew

Ubuntu Pro Packages in ‘Software Updater’ Garner Criticism

Outlook is Microsoft’s new data collection service

4 reasons to try Mozilla’s new Firefox Linux package for Ubuntu and Debian derivatives

Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox – Open Policy & Advocacy

Apple, the DMA, and malicious compliance

Understanding Apple’s Response to the DMA






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