Jesse is back from Trumpistan so it’s a full house again. KDE looks forward, TeamViewer comes to Linux, more Intel ME problems, HTTPS is winning, corporations try to avoid GPL litigation while Mozilla faces a suit from Yahoo, and Patreon has reignited the FOSS funding debate.



KDE’s vision for the next 3-4 years and its goal of Privacy

TeamViewer loves the Qt

Intel’s cunning plan to get everyone to upgrade their processors and AMD might be capitalising?

66% of page loads are https up from 46% in January this year

Big companies join the compliance-first approach to GPLv2

Mozilla Files Cross-Complaint Against Yahoo Holdings and Oath



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Funding FOSS

Patreon have recently made some changes which directly affect this show and Ikey’s distro. We discussed the implications and alternatives, and asked for your opinion.






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