Late Night Linux – Episode 242


Rare praise for Mozilla as more extensions come to Firefox on Android, Fedora is coming to Arm Macs, a rolling version of “Ubuntu” appears, an unwise solution to the problem of funding open source, SUSE might be the baddies, LXD is forked, and more.

With guest host popey from Linux Matters.



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Rest in peace Bram Moolenaar, author of Vim and hero of many developers

Prepare your Firefox desktop extension for the upcoming Android release

Our new flagship distro: Fedora Asahi Remix

Neal Gompa says KDE will be the flagship version

Rhino Linux Makes Rolling-Release Ubuntu Reality

Incus – Introduction

Incus: A new fork of Canonical’s LXD ‘containervisor’

Privacy issues with SponsorLink, starting from version 4.20

Popular open source project Moq criticized for quietly collecting data

CIQ, Oracle and SUSE Create Open Enterprise Linux Association for a Collaborative and Open Future







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