Late Night Linux – Episode 238


Canonical takes control of LXD and it’s a little bit messy, Fedora might implement opt-out telemetry, and Félim sneaks in a mini KDE Korner. Plus more fallout from the RHEL source code restriction drama including surprising moves from SUSE and Oracle, and a sensible submissive solution from Alma.



Monica Madon’s Mastodon and LinkedIn

Ubuntu Maker Canonical Pulls In Control Of LXD

Time to move on

Christian Brauner on Mastodon

Fedora Workstation 40 Considering To Implement Privacy-Preserving Telemetry

Keep Linux Open and Free—We Can’t Afford Not To

SUSE Preserves Choice in Enterprise Linux by Forking RHEL with a $10+ Million Investment

SUSE announces its own RHEL-compatible distro… again

The Future of AlmaLinux is Bright2022 KDE e.V. Report & Akademy is on right now! Raw videos are available







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