Late Night Linux – Episode 192


We catch up on a month’s worth of news including GitHub and GitLab controversies, Arduino multitasking, VLC being banned in India, Google’s false positives in scans, and KDE Korner.



Introducing multitasking to Arduino

GitLab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash

Give nothing, expect nothing: GitLab’s the latest punching bag for entitled users

GitHub courts controversy by suspending Tornado Cash developers and reneging on cookie commitments

Code, Speech, and the Tornado Cash Mixer

VLC Media Player banned in India, website and VLC download link blocked

Google’s Scans of Private Photos Led to False Accusations of Child Abuse


KDE Korner

Nate’s updates: Fewer microscopic bugfixes and weekly updates 1 2 3 4

Kate macro recording

Krita 5.1 & KDEnlive 22.08

KDE Snap Packages

Neon 22.04 Docker Images

Akademy Talk Schedule Live






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