Late Night Linux – Episode 176


The Mars Helicopter might be on its way out but it’s still a hero, bad things are happening to the UK Internet and we blame the government, whether software can ever be finished, some great discoveries, KDE Korner, and more.



Martin Wimpress has joined Linux Downtime as a co-host

Mars helicopter spots wreckage from Perseverance landing

Ingenuity might not last much longer

Oatmeal comic

LineageOS 19 based on Android 12 is now officially available

More about Lineage on Linux After Dark this Friday

Apple clarifies its controversial app removal emails with policy statement

UK finance minister blames legacy IT for benefits delay

Bad things are going to happen to the Internet in the UK





Charge your laptop off a big external battery over USB-C


KDE Korner

KItinery out of Play

New Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 with new site

New gestures support in Plasma 5.25

Poppler’s new embedded font support

LinuxAppSummit & video of Q&A with Neil McGovern and Aleix Pol

New LabPlot & Kdenlive





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