Late Night Linux – Episode 168


Arch and the Web make us feel old, the BBC makes us rather cross, a kernel vulnerability makes us laugh, Mozilla makes us wonder, and KDE makes us happy.



Arch is 20 years old

The Web is 33 years old

A new year, a new MDN (MDN Plus cling soon)

Something is up with elementary

GNOME, Mono, Xamarin founder Miguel de Icaza leaves Microsoft

Linux has been bitten by its most high-severity vulnerability in years

Click here to see why the BBC HATES RSS



Check out Linux Downtime and Linux After Dark


KDE Korner

Wikidata reuse days… non now…

Steamdeck runs KDE

PIM Update & KDE Gear updates

New Firmware Security tab coming in Plasma 5.25

Translation help

Signature support is now Okular in on Android

Eco Software

Multi-cursors in Kate






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