Late Night Linux – Episode 160


A theme of funding open source development runs throughout the news including npm sabotage, Mozilla accepting crypto donations, and Signal’s CEO standing down. Plus Wordle’s open web problem, the usual great stuff in KDE Korner, and more.



JavaScript dev deliberately screws up own popular npm packages to make a point of some sort

Open source maintainer threatens to throw in the towel if companies won’t ante up

New year, new Signal CEO

Mozilla backtracks on crypto donations

Wordle is being punished by app stores for choosing the open web

Dev of namesake app donates proceeds to charity

Humble subscription service is dumping Mac, Linux access in 18 days

Canon forced to ship ink cartridges without chips


KDE Korner

Plasma 5.24 Beta out

KVer Graphics & Dev Videos

Gnome App ID in KDE Task Manager

KDE PIM Updates and 4k LOC from Dolphin refactored out





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