Endless has a major update, KDE continues to innovate, Ubuntu backtracks on Wayland, O’Reilly trolls Félim, System76 and Tuxedo make some distros, and more on LNL 15.




Endless OS 3.2 Released, Rebases From GNOME Shell 3.8 To 3.22

KDE Stash virtual folder for dumping files from all about your directories, Snaps added to KDE Discover, Vulkan support added to QT 5.10

Ubuntu Is Now Uncertain about Using Wayland by Default

O’Reilly exits direct book sales

Project Common Voice

LetsEncrypt offering wildcard certs in 2018




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Uncut video of us at FOSS Talk Live


Linux hardware sellers’ own distros

With the recent news that System76 and Tuxedo Computers are making their own Ubuntu-based distros we discuss whether they actually are distros and whether they should even exist.



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