Late Night Linux – Episode 110


Graham’s Pi microcontroller prediction comes true, great progress with Linux on M1 Macs, Element’s Play Store troubles, hope for Firefox and web standards docs, mixed VR news, a new tablet distro in KDE Korner, and more.



Meet Raspberry Silicon: Raspberry Pi Pico now on sale at $4

Arduino To Release Board Based on Raspberry Pi Silicon

How We Ported Linux to the M1

M1 Macs booting from NVMe

Element suspended on Google Play Store: now resolved

Welcoming Open Web Docs to the MDN family

Firefox 85 Cracks Down on Supercookies

Firefox stops working on progressive web app support

Fedora’s Chromium maintainer suggests switching to Firefox as Google yanks features in favour of Chrome

Google’s VR painting app is getting the axe, but it will live on as an open-source project



Popey on LNLE 14 about Snaps

Join the community mumble get-together on 12th February 2021 at 10pm UK time. Details here.


KDE Korner

JingOS, the Linux Tablet Distro, Releases First Alpha Build

Kate HUD

Plasma Browser Integration 1.8 with Edge

Consistency Nitpicks




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