Late Night Linux – Episode 105


We look back at some of the biggest 2020 trends including Arm and Mozilla, consider the fallout from the recent CentOS announcement, and end on typically good KDE news. Plus details of a LNL community event.


Two big 2020 topics


8GB Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now at $75

Raspberry Pi 400

PinePhones Shipping

PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-orders are Open

Second PinePhone Community edition

postmarketOS now boots on over 200 Linux phones and tablets

AWS unveils new compute instances, including compute heavy C6gn powered by Graviton2

marcan is creating Linux for Apple Silicon Macs



Mozilla lays off 70 as it waits for new products to generate revenue

Readying for the Future at Mozilla

Use your voice to #StopHateForProfit

Changing World, Changing Mozilla

If you think Mozilla pushed a broken Firefox Android build, good news: It didn’t. Bad news: It’s working as intended



Join the first Late Night Linux community mumble get-together on 1st January 2021 at 10pm UK time. Details here.



CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream




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