Tizen code is a shambles, Drupal struggles with HR, Mastodon is flavour of the month, Linux on Windows improvements, updates to the Ubuntu saga and more on LNL 09.



Samsung’s Tizen is riddled with security flaws, amateurishly written

Drupal needs a decent HR department

Mastodon is the latest social media fad, despite having been around for several years under different names. It might not last

Substantial update to Windows Subsystem for Linux

Solus adds a GNOME edition



This episode of Late Night Linux is sponsored by Entroware. They are a UK-based company who sells computers with Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE preinstalled. They have configurable laptops, desktops and servers to suit a wide range of Linux users. Check them out and don’t forget to mention us at checkout if you buy one of their great machines.


Jesse’s black box

Jesse tells us about the Raspberry Pi that he doesn’t connect to a network and asks whether it’s OK to avoid updates.



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Updates on the Ubuntu announcement

Ubuntu GNOME to merge with the main edition

Phones and tablet will only receive security patches until June 2017 (2 more months)

UBports to carry on with Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8; will integrate Anbox

Separate Unity 8 fork

Staff layoffs and CEO to leave

Ubuntu 12.04 ESM seems to only be aimed at servers





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