Netflix on Linux, phishing with https, licensing, password managers, Android convergence, the inside story of Nextcloud scanning and more on LNL 07.



Netflix now works in Firefox on Linux

14,766 Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates Issued to PayPal Phishing Sites

Inside OpenSSL’s battle to change its license


Password managers

Jesse tells us why he’s still using LastPass and asks what the rest of us use.



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Android convergence

With Android now more popular than Windows, how are the various efforts at desktop convergence coming along?

Maru now available for the Nexus 7

Phoenix OS 2.0 alpha based on Android 7.1

Samsung has a go at convergence

VMware and Citrix too



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Following in Ikey’s illustrious footsteps, Joe was recently a guest on Destination Linux.


Nextcloud Interview

After some of us slagged off Nexcloud on the last episode, Jos asked if he could come on the show and explain what really happened. Ikey and Joe were unconvinced to say the least.




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