Late Night Linux – Episode 272


KDE Plasma 6 is here and Félim can barely contain his excitement. Plus the differing philosophies of GNOME and KDE, Nintendo crushes an open source Switch emulator, Mozilla does another great thing for the Web, another reason to hate Spotify, and more.



KDE MegaRelease 6 – KDE Community

Megarelease Teething Problems

This week in KDE: a smooth release

Critical Plasma 6 piece on the Register

Lightweight Windows-like desktop LXQt makes leap to Qt 6 with version 2.0

Nintendo’s Yuzu Lawsuit is All But Done. Price: $2.4m. Cost to Emulation: TBD

Here’s how the makers of the “Suyu” Switch emulator plan to avoid getting sued

MDN Curriculum

Hosting your podcast using Spotify is a bad idea






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