Late Night Linux – Episode 260


It’s our 2023 year in review episode. There’s some good news about gaming and space, enshittification aplenty, a lot of love for the fediverse, and some tough love for Mozilla.


Linux Downtime is now Linux Dev Time!

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Will’s post that made it to Hacker News etc


2023 News

Good news

Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 40th Red Planet flight

Maverick Mars chopper has survived way past its warranty – now it’s time for a sequel

Our new flagship distro: Fedora Asahi Remix

Running Ubuntu on Apple Silicon Macs is Possible



Steam On Linux Usage Spikes To Nearly 2% In July, Larger Marketshare Than Apple macOS

Valve Is A Wonderful Upstream Contributor To Linux & The Open-Source Community

Valve reveals the Steam Deck OLED: $549 buys better screen, battery, and more

Valve says it has sold ‘multiple millions’ of Steam Decks

Graham talked about his Steam Deck OLED on LNL258

Steam Linux Marketshare Surges To Nearly 2% In November



Ubuntu Flavor Packaging Defaults

Ubuntu Maker Canonical Pulls In Control Of LXD

LXD Maintainership Being Limited To Canonical Employees

Incus 0.1 has been released

LXD now re-licensed and under a CLA

Incorrect license information for the LXD snap

Docker is deleting Open Source organisations – what you need to know

We apologize. We did a terrible job announcing the end of Docker Free Teams.

We’re no longer sunsetting the Free Team plan

Fedora Program Manager layed off (what that role was)

Furthering the evolution of CentOS Stream

CIQ, Oracle and SUSE Create Open Enterprise Linux Association for a Collaborative and Open Future

What Reddit Got Wrong

Unity makes major changes to controversial install-fee program

Unity’s CEO is out, but that still may not be enough for developers

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube’s ad blocking detection scripts under EU law



Lazy Reporters Claiming Fediverse Is ‘Slumping,’ Despite Massive Increase In Usage

The BBC on Mastodon: experimenting with distributed and decentralised social media

Threads is officially starting to test ActivityPub integration



Mozilla Launches Responsible AI Challenge

Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

A quarter century of Mozilla

Firefox’s protection against fingerprinting

Mozilla apologizes for intrusive Firefox VPN ad popup

Say (an encrypted) hello to a more private internet

New extensions you’ll love now available on Firefox for Android

Introducing Solo, an AI website builder for solopreneurs





Kolide ensures that if a device isn’t secure, it can’t access your apps. It’s Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo today to see how it works at



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